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China National Academy of Painting Held a Preliminary Examination On The Sketch Review of The Belt and Road Initiative International Fine Arts Project

Source: PublishedTime:2017-11-30

On November 29, China national academy of painting " the belt and road initiative" international art project sketch review held in the academy.


The prequalification work is carried out by the China National Academy of Painting. The consultants and members of the Art Committee serve as members of the pre-screening arts committee of the sketch, pre-reviewing the sketches that are about to enter the final review. At present, there are a total of 233 researchers who have participated in the “Belt and Road” international art project, and 233 professional painters and social solicitors in various professional institutes. A total of 338 sketches (groups) have been received, and a total of 198 topics have been declared. One hundred and forty-three researchers have applied for 140 topics, 46 people have submitted a total of 39 topics, and 49 professionals have applied for a total of 36 topics. In addition, more than 200 sketches of 146 artists from 42 countries including Germany, France, the United States, Britain, and Egypt were received.