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Chronicle of Events 2014

Source: PublishedTime:2018-04-13

On January 7, Sun Jie was appointed director of Foreign Affairs Office at China National Academy of Painting (CNAP). 

On January 9, the opening ceremony for “Divine NatureNew Humanism: Exhibition of Lu Yushuns Works was held at Henan Art Museum, together with a seminar. The exhibition was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), the Publicity Department of Henan Province, Henan Provincial Department of Culture, Henan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Peoples Government of Jiyuan and China Artists Association (CAA), and hosted by Jing Hao Art Institute and Henan Artists Association.

On January 10, “To Each Their OwnAnnual Academic Invitational Exhibition and the Inaugural Ceremony for China National Art Gallery was launched at Times Art Museum in Beijing. The event was sponsored by China National Art Gallery, CNAP and Times Art Museum.

On January 11, Xin Dongwang died of illness in Beijing at the age of 50.

On January 17, “Beautiful China—Fan Art Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting was held in Germany. Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhang Lizhu, Wang Fumin, Yu Wenjiang, Chen Peng and Qiao Yinan attended the event. Yang Xiaoyang and Robert Hartmann jointly unveiled the CNAP’s Art Creation and Exchange Center in German.

In the afternoon of January 25, “Life and Art—Xie Zhigao Art Exhibition” was launched in Guyuan Art Museum in Zhuhai, with 128 works on display. The event was jointly sponsored by CAA, CNAP, Guangdong Artists Association, Southern Press Media Group, the Publicity Department of CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee, Zhuhai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhuhai Painting Academy and Zhuhai Overseas Chouchu Chinese Association.

On February 8, a campaign entitled “Silk Road in Color PaintingJourney on the Silk Road by Famous Contemporary Chinese Artists” was launched. The event was sponsored by CFLAC, CAA and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and Xi’an Datang Xishi Group. A delegation led by Yang Xiaoyang went to Greece, Spain and France for inspection, inspirations and sketch creation.

On February 10, “Chinese Style—Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by China National Academy of Painting” was launched at the National Art Museum of Thailand. Anek Sihamat, Chen Jiang, Lan Suhong and Zhang Jiangzhou attended the event co-hosted by Bangkok Chinese Culture Center, CNAP and the National Art Museum of Thailand.

On February 10, Zou Xiaoli received the delegation led by Yang Xiaoyang.

On February 11, the fourth overseas fieldtrip delegation of “Silk Road in Color Paintingwent to the Acropolis in Athens for sketch creation. The team was led by Yang Xiaoyang, Liu Jian and Wang Yong. The event was sponsored by CFLAC, CAA and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and Xi’an Tang West Market Group.

On February 13, members from the delegation of “Silk Road in Color Paintingheld a discussion with the principals from Greece Artists Association, the Ministry of Culture, directors of friendship associations, as well as painters and sculptors.

On February 15, Zhuang Lixiao received the delegation of “Silk Road in Color Painting” in the Spanish capital Madrid led by Yang Xiaoyang.

On February 18, “Simplicity—Exhibition of Mei Moshengs Works in Florence, Italywas held at Basilica di Santa Croce (the Holy Cross Church) in Florence, Italy.

On February 22, “Art ParagonAcademic Invitational Exhibition of Zeng Xiangs Calligraphy Works was launched at Lantian Art Museum in Jinan. It was sponsored by CNAP and hosted by the Calligraphy and Seal Carving Institute of CNAP and Lantian Art Museum.

In the afternoon of March 1, the opening ceremony for Literary Mind of Enterprise StudioExhibition of Wei Guangjun’s Art was held at Times Art Museum in Beijing, and over 200 works were displayed. The event was sponsored by Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Institute of CNAP, Prince Gong’s Mansion Management Center under the Ministry of Culture and Beijing Times Art Museum. Yang Xiaoyang, Lü Zhangshen, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Long Rui, Xie Yongquan, Sun Xuguang and Shao Dazhen attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

On March 2, the “Unveiling Ceremony for Hu Kangmei Art Museum" was held in Zhengzhou City, together with the opening ceremony of “Calligraphy Exhibition of Hu Kangmei and His Students. 

On March 5, “O! the LandExhibition of Zhao Qi’s Paintingssponsored by CNAP, CAA, NAMOC and Luxun Academy of Fine Arts was launched at NAMOC.

On March 12, Yang Xiaoyang, Wang Mingming, Feng Yuan, Tian Liming, Li Xiang, Wu Changjiang, He Jiaying, Fan Di’an and Tang Yongli were appointed consultants to the Chinese Painting Society of Jiangsu Province.

On March 15, “Beautiful China—Public Welfare Lecture on Culture and Arts” was launched at the Fine Arts Center of NAMOC. The event was sponsored by CNAP, CIEC Art Center, and China Financial Channel of Xinhua News Agency.

In the afternoon of March 15, “Enchanting Flowers in the Mountains—Exhibition of Paintings by Liu Jiajun and Wang Ping” was launched in Poly Art Museum and over 100 works were exhibited. The event was sponsored by Zhejiang Academy of Painting and Poly Art Museum and hosted by Weifang Art Gallery Association.

On March 19, “2013 Calligraphy Achievement Award Ceremony of Shen Peng Calligraphy Art Fund” was held at CNAP. Chaired by Zeng Laide, the event was attended by Yang Xiaoyang, Zeng Laide, Zhou Xianglin, Zeng Xiang, Wei Guangjun and others.

On March 21, the appointment ceremony for overseas consultants and researchers was held at the CIEC Art Center. Xie Jinying, Bai Lin, Lu Suo, Fan Xiuying, Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zeng Laide, Qian Shaowu, Zhan Jianjun, Zhang Zuying, Xie Zhigao, Du Dakai, A Ge, Ji Lianbin, Dai Daquan, Guo Runwen, Xing Shaochen, Zeng Xiang, Chen Yungang, He Jialin, Gao Tianmin, Yu Wenjiang, Jia Guangjian, Wang Ping, Didier Bernheim and others attended the ceremony chaired by Zhang Jiangzhou. President Yang Xiaoyang presented letters of appointment to seven foreign artists.

On March 21, “New China Artist Series—Exhibition of Chinese Paintings in Zhejiang Province” was launched at the CNAP Art Museum, and nearly 100 works by 15 artists were exhibited. The event was sponsored by CNAP, Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, and hosted by the Creative Research Institute, the CNAP Art Museum, the CNAP Art Research Institute and the CNAP Information Center, Zhejiang Academy of Painting and Zhejiang Art Museum. 

On March 24, “Images of the South and North—Exhibition of Figure Paintings by Wang Zan, Zhou Jingxin, Zhang Jiangzhou and Wang Yingsheng” was launched the National Center for the Performing Arts. Fan Di’an served as the academic host.

On March 26, Zhu Dequn died at the age of 94 in Paris, France.

On March 26, “Chinese Dream: Passion about YanduIn Commemoration of the 135th Anniversary of Yu Youren’s Birthday and the First International Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy Works by the Four Brothers of the Yu Family was launched in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, and nearly 300 works were displayed. The event was organized by CNAP, China Society for Cursive Script Standardization, Jiangsu Foreign Friendship and Exchange Association, Taiwan Chinese Standard Cursive Society and Japan’s Takasaki Book Fair.

On March 30, “Jiawu in PaintingsExhibition of Works by Zhang Lizhu, Zhang Likui and Qiao Yinan was organized by Beijing Rongbaozhai at the Gallery of Rong Bao Zhai Building.

On April 2, Dimensions of CareExhibition of Contemporary Ink and Wash Paintings by Six Artists was launched at NAMOC. At the event with Fan Dian as the academic host, over 180 pieces were displayed. The event was sponsored by NAMOC and the CAA Art Committee of Chinese Paintings, and hosted by the Art Exchange Center of CNAP, Beijing International Art Salon of the Beijing Cultural Development Foundation.

On April 10, “Artistic Concept in CalligraphyInvitation of Calligraphy Works and Paintings by Zeng Laide at Korean National Assembly was launched at the Korean National Assembly. The event was jointly organized by CNAP, the Chinese Culture Center of Seoul under Chinese Ministry of Culture, the Calligraphy Society of South Korean National Assembly and the Korean Calligraphy Art Institute. Moon Heesang, Lee Byungseok, Park Byeongseug, Kim Jinpyo, Lee Seokhyun, Jeong Moonseon, Kim Seungnam, Shi Ruilin, Go Gang, Lee Donheung, Gang Jongwon, Yeop Heun, Lee Giyeong, Duan Jian, Li Weidong, and Choe Gwangryeol were present at the event.

On April 13, “Beautiful China—Public Welfare Lecture on Culture and Arts” sponsored by CNAP and hosted by CIEC Art Center was launched in Beijing.

On April 13, “Auspicious Signs of Nature, Enlightenment of Brush and InkExhibition of Landscape Paintings by Long Rui and Wang Yongliang Landscape” was launched in Changzhou Museum. Hosted by CNAP and CAA, the event was attended by Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun, Liu Dawei, Wu Weishan, Gao Yun and others.

On April 14, Yang Xiaoyang and Wang Luxiang delivered a lecture for teachers and students from Ninghai High School in Nanjing.

On April 16, the fourth Silk Road—the Summit of Chinese Spirit and Art Development entitled “Chinese Art: Chang’an Forum” was held in Xian. The event was co-sponsored by CAA and CNAP, and hosted by the Theoretical Committee of CAA, the Art Institute of CNAP, Shaanxi Artists Association and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.

On April 22, The Chinese ConnotationsTour of Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings and One Hundred Years of Chinese Oil Painting in Retrospect was held at China Art Museum in Shanghai, and over 150 works were displayed. The event was co-sponsored by CNAP and its Oil Painting Institute, together with China Art Museum, under the guidance of the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

On April 23, My Chinese Dream—‘Baishi Cup Youth Contest in Calligraphy and Painting was officially launched and solicitation started. CNAP was appointed the Academic Guide and Qi Baishi Memorial Hall was an Art Supporter for the event sponsored by the Network Television Center of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and Hunan Huxiang Cultural Exchange Association. Lu Yushun attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

On April 25, the press conference for “Essence EncapsulatedExhibition of Chinese Paintings by Fan Yang” was held in Huixian Building. Zhang Xiaoling and Zhang Jiangzhou attended the event chaired by Wang Weisheng.

On April 25, “The Silk Road Art Creation Project of China National Academy of Painting and the Working Conference for the 12th National Art Exhibition” was held in CNAP. Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Shunyu, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Zhang Xiaoling, Ji Lianbin and relevant staff attended the meeting presided over by Lu Yushun.

At 10 on April 25, “Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintings by Feng Jinsong” jointly sponsored by CNAP and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts was launched at the CNAP Art Museum of. Yang Xiaoyang, Liu Boshu, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Dong Jining, Chen Liyan, Chen Zhou, Peng Zhigang, Lei Zhixiong, Wang Guanghui, Feng Nanjie and Feng Manjiang attended the opening ceremony chaired by Lu Yushun.

On April 26, Yang Xiaoyang attended the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Institute of Huangtu School in Xi’an.

On April 29, Ji Lianbin was awarded the “May 1st” Labor Medal by central government agencies.

On April 30, “Artistic Beijing: the CCB Private Banking Special Exhibition—To Each Their Own: Academic Invitational Exhibition by the Website of China National Art Gallery” debuted at 2014 Art Beijing.

On May 2, Yang Xiaoyang visited two pavilions at 2014 Art Beijing together with Dong Mengyang, Wang Ping and Liu Binyi.

On May 7, “Essence EncapsulatedExhibition of Chinese Paintings by Fan Yang” was launched at the CNAP Art Museum. At the event co-sponsored by CNAP, CAA, and NAMOC, over 160 pieces were displayed. Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Zeng Laide, Sun Jiazheng, Li Jinhua, Hu Zhenjie, Wang Wenzhang, Dong Wei, Lü Zhangshen, Zuo Zhongyi, Fan Di’an, Wu Changjiang, Wu Weishan, Tian Liming and Tang Yongli attended the event chaired by Zhang Jiangzhou.

In the afternoon of May 8, the jogging team of CNAP participated in “Chinese Dream: Healthy Jogging,” the second spring jogging contest held for officials and employees of agencies under the Ministry of Culture.

On May 11, “Essence CapturedRetrospective Exhibition of the First Advanced Calligraphy Class of Shen Peng Studio” was launched at the CNAP Art Museum. The event was attended by Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zeng Laide, Wang Jiaxin, Chen Hongwu, Zeng Xiang and Qiu Lei. Lu Yushun presided over the event, in which over 150 works were displayed.

On May 13, “Visit of the Phoenix—the 8th Zeng Laide Art Exhibition and the Opening Ceremony of Phoenix Ridge Art Federation of China” was held at Fenghuangling Art Museum in Beijing. The event was sponsored by Phoenix Ridge Art Museum and Pheonix Ridge Academy. Zhao Shaohua, Qin Zhigang, Li Guanghua, Yu Linxiang, Yang Xiaoyang and Long Rui attended the event chaired by Han Guodong. Over 80 works were exhibited.

On May 21, Landscape in InkExhibition of Zeng Laides Paintings was launched at Zhejiang Art Museum. The event was jointly sponsored by CNAP, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

On May 24, the press conference for “2014 Taihang Dialogue for Overseas and Chinese Artists” was held in the Press Conference Hall of the State Council Information Office. The Dialogue was sponsored by CNAP and China Internet News Center, and jointly hosted by the Art Exchange Center of CNAP, China Internet News Center,, and the Peoples Government of Linzhou City. Zhang Yanbin, Gul Ablim, Zhang Jiangzhou, Li Jiaming, Wang Jun and Wang Xianqing attended the event.

On May 24, “Solidified MusicExhibition of Ink and Wash Architecture Paintings by Liu Jian” was launched at the Art Museum of Shenzhen Academy of Painting. The event was co-sponsored by CAA, CNAP and Shenzhen Academy of Painting. Liu Dawei, Nyima Tsering, Wu Changjiang, Yang Xiaoyang, Wang Yongzhang, Dong Xiaoming, Qian Linxiang, Liu Jian, Li Ronghai, Dai Zhiqi, Jiang Lu, Zhang Xiaoling, Huang Qiming, Xu Bin and Liang Yu attended the event.

On May 25, “2014 Classic WorksLandscape Paintings Exhibition” was held at the CIEC Art Center. Long Rui, Yang Xiaoyang, Xu Qin Song, Peng Junxiong and others attended the event.

On May 28, “Chinese Fan Painting Exhibition” was launched at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. Zeng Laide attended the event together with Zeng Xiang, Wang Fumin and Li Xiaojun.

On June 2, the expert demonstration meeting for “Topics for Silk Road Art Creation” was held in the Comprehensive Building. Zhou Shaohua, Zhan Jianjun, Xue Yongnian, Wang Yong, Ge Jianxiong, Cao Yiqiang, Lou Yulie, Liu Qingzhu, Ren Daobin, Liu Jinbao, Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Ji Lianbin, Qiao Yinan, Wang Ping, Gao Tianmin, Xu Shuiping, Chen Ming, Tang Chaoyi, Jin Xin and Fang Hui attended the meeting chaired by Gao Tianmin.

On June 9, “Chinese Fan Painting Exhibition” was held at the National Museum of Albania in Tirana.

On June 10, “Exhibition of Teaching Achievements over Ten Years by the Tutors Studios at China National Academy of Painting: Landscape” debuted. Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhao Wei, Li Baolin, Miao Chong’an, Fan Yang, Ji Lianbin and Zhang Tongyu attended the opening ceremony chaired by Zhao Wei.

On June 12, the first group of postdoctoral researchers was recruited for CNAP. Their tutors include Yang Xiaoyang, who specialized in development strategy of contemporary Chinese art, Long Rui, who specialized in the relation of social functions of traditional Chinese painting to its Aesthetic Tastes and Expressions; Lu Yushun, who specialized in New Silk Road: Overseas Communications and Trade of Chinese Art; Zhang Xiaoling, who specialized in Modern Chinese art history, and Fan Yang, who specialized in art planning research.

On June 14, the Exhibition of Teaching Achievements over Ten Years by the Tutors Studios at China National Academy of Painting: Landscape” reopened. A total of 185 works were displayed.

On July 28, the departure ceremony for the inspection and sketch team of The Project of Silk Road Art Creation” was held at the CNAP Art Museum. Liu Dawei, Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Zeng Laide, Chen Fafen, Ma Qinlin, Cheng Guirong and Liu Jian attended the ceremony chaired by Lu Yushun.

On July 29, the Silk Road Sketching Delegation of 34 members led by Yang Xiaoyang and Zeng Laide arrived in Yinchuan as the pioneer team for inspection and sketch creation. Other members include Cai Chao, Cheng Dali, Liang Zhanyan, Zhao Qi, Liu Jian and Kong Zi.

On July 30, the Silk Road Sketching Delegation paid a visit to Western Xia Museum, the Site of the Western Xia Imperial Tombs and the Helan Mountain Rock Paintings Museum.

On August 11, the Silk Road Sketching Delegation arrived in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, and visited Liuying, a folk village in Fengxiang County, and held a symposium. Yang Xiaoyang, Zeng Laide, Wang Mengqi, Cai Chao, Li Geng, Liang Zhanyan, Zhao Qi, Liu Jian, Wang Xishan, Li Xiaozhu, Li Xiaojun, Yang Yue, Chen Peng, Wei Guangjun, Wang Ping, Dong Lei, Wang Jing, Li Shiwen and Wu Guangyu attended the forum. The forum was hosted by Wang Ping.

On August 12, the Delegation visited Baoji Bronze Museum and the Exhibition of Tang-Dynasty Murals at Shaanxi History Museum.

On August 22, the Southern Silk Road Sketching Delegation was organized. Comprised of 27 members including Miao Chong’an, Jiang Mingxian, Qiu Jimu, Shu Jianxin, Ma Guoqiang, Zhang Lizhu, Gao Tianmin, Zeng Xiang, Lin Rongsheng, Ji Lianbin and Yu Wenjiang, it was led by Long Rui and Zhang Jiangzhou.

On September 3, the “Southern Silk Road Delegation returned to Beijing.

On August 24, the inspection and sketch team for the art creation project of “Silk Road on the Prairie” arrived in Hohhot, and started the 12-day creative sketching. Members include Liu Dawei, Lu Yushun, Zhao Wei, Zhang Daoxing, Chen Ping, Li Yansheng, Ji Lianbin, Wu Xun, Mei Mosheng, Chen Xiangxun, Wang Yongliang, Gao Huimin, Wang Shiqiang and Xu Shuiping.

On September 11, “The People of Karamay: an Art Exhibition” was launched at the Art Museum of CNAP, and over 100 works were displayed. With academic support from CNAP, the event was sponsored by the People’s Government of Karamay City and hosted by the CPC Karamay District Committee, the People’s Government of Karamay District and the Art Exchange Center of CNAP.

On September 19, “New China Artists Series (Shaanxi Province): Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintingswas held at the Art Museum of CNAP. The event was sponsored by CNAP and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, and hosted by the Creative Research Department, Art Museum, Fine Arts Institute and Art Information Center of CNAP, Shaanxi Chinese Painting Academy and Shaanxi Artang New Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

On September 25, “Chinese Dream, Ink Rhapsody—Art Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting, Tianjin Painting Academy, Jiangsu Chinese Painting Academy, Shandong Painting Academy and Gansu Painting Academy” was launched at Tianjin Museum. Cheng Qisheng, Liu Dawei, Yang Xiaoyang, Zhao Hongyou, Wang Lanming, He Jiaying, Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Du Jun, Nyima Tsering, Sun Ke, Jia Guangjian, Zhou Jingxin, Kong Weike, Li Wei, Huang Yonggang, Kou Shikai, Zhang Guiyuan, Wu Hongjun, Deng Guoyuan, Wang Shuping, Qi Haifeng, Chen Qi, Ji Lianbin, Chen Zhuo, and Huo Chunyang attended the opening ceremony.

On October 5, the artist team of Fine Arts Institute arrived in Xi’an and started the 10-day academic study of “Ancient Tea Routealong the Silk Road. Under the leadership of Zhang Xiaoling, the delegation consisted such members as Gao Tianmin, Wang Ping, Zhang Huiming, Wang Yi, Chen Ming, Zhang Yidan, Zhu Qi, Wei Guangjun, Dong Lei, Sheng Ming, Ren Nuoxuan, Cui Xiaolei, Li Jun and Jiao Feng.

On October 11, “2014 Exhibition of Classic Works: Calligraphy and Flower-and-Bird Paintings of China National Academy of Painting at CIEC Art Center” was held at CIEC Art Center, and more than 300 works were exhibited. Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zeng Laide and Peng Junxiong attended the event.

On October 12, “Divien NatureNew Humanism: Exhibition of Lu Yushuns Works was launched at Shandong Art Museum. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture, CFLAC, Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government, CAA, CNAA, NAMOC, CNAP and Harbin Normal University. Liu Dawei, Yang Xiaoyang, Ji Lianbin, Wang Yan, Wang Xiang, Du Jun, Deng Guoyuan, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zeng Laide, Jia Guangjian, Wang Lanming, Qiao Yinan, Tang Hui, Gao Yun, Tao Yongbai, Shang Hui, Gu Ping, Luo Mingbiao, Zheng Gong, Kong Weike, Zhang Baozhu and Liang Wenbo attended the opening ceremony.

On October 17, the ceremony of appointing Zhang Xiaoling as foreign academician of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities was held at CNAP. Ante Glibota, Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Xiaoling, Qiao Yinan, Wang Ping, Chen Ming, Yin Yang, Dong Lei, and Yin Shuo attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Ji Lianbin.

On October 22, the leadership of CNAP held a seminar on “The Speech Made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Symposium on Literary.

On October 15, Xi Jinping chaired a forum for literary and art work in Beijing and delivered an important speech.

On October 25, China in Freehand Painting2014 Art Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting (Calligraphy and Engraving) opened at China Art Museum in Shanghai. The event was jointly sponsored by CNAP, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and China Art Museum, and hosted by the Creative Research Department, Calligraphy & Seal Cutting Institute, Printmaking Institute and Art Exchange Center of CNAP. Cheng Guirong, Chen Dong, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zeng Laide, Teng Junjie, Shi Dawei, Liu Wenguo, Li Sheng, Chen Qi, Zeng Xiang, Hu Qiuping, Xiao Li, Wang Xishan and Luo Guirong attended the opening ceremony. Over 200 works were displayed.

On October 28, “Unique Communication with Nature—Exhibition of Works Created by Liu Boshu at 80” was launched at NAMOC and over 50 pieces of work were displayed. The event was jointly sponsored by CNAP, CAFA, CAA and NAMOC.

On November 4, the “2nd China-Uzbekistan Art, Photography and Business Exchange Series and the ‘Silk Road Art Creation Project’ of China National Academy of Painting was held at the National Art Exhibition Center of Uzbekistan. Long Rui, He Jialin, Lin Rongsheng, Chen Peng, Wang Ping, Sun Lijie, Akmal Nuriddinov (Akmal Nur), Minkhajidin Khodjimatov, Alisher Shaykhov, Wang Kaixuan, Huang Zhicheng and Fan Yimin attended the event.

On November 14, the calligraphy part of the Exhibition of Teaching Achievements over Ten Years by the Tutors Studios at China National Academy of Painting: Landscape” opened at the CNAP Art Museum. Tan Yuexin, Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhang Liuyi, Li Honglin, Hu Kangmei, Wang Jiaxin, Zeng Xiang, Zhang Gongzhe and Qiu Lei attended the opening ceremony and the symposium chaired by Zeng Laide.

On December 6, “Beauty in All Scenes2014 Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by the Youth Institute of China National Academy of Painting was held at the CIEC Art Center. More than 200 works were on display.

On December 16, “Haojiang River in Color Painting—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Famous Chinese Painters” was launched at the Exhibition Hall of Handover Gifts Museum of Macao. The event was organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao (IACM) and hosted by CNAP and Macao Civil Servants Cultural Association. Cui Shi’an, Li Gang, Hu Zhengyue, He Yicheng, Chen Limin, Cui Shichang, Huang Youli, Wang Yisheng and Yang Xiaoyang attended the ceremony and cut the ribbons. Other attendees include Miao Chong’an, Guo Quanzhong, Ji Lianbin, Chen Peng, Zhang Lizhu, Qiao Yinan, Wang Ping and Dong Lei.

On December 18, “New China Artists Series—Exhibition of Chinese Paintings from Guizhou Province was launched at the CNAP Art Museum. The event was sponsored by China National Academy of Painting and Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture, and hosted by the Creative Research Department, the Art Museum, the Fine Arts Institute and Art Information Center of CNAP, together with Guizhou Academy of Chinese Painting. Wang Lanming, Liu Yongmei, Jiang Gangjie, Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Jiang Baolin, Chen Lüsheng, Ji Lianbin, Chen Fengxin, Xing Shaochen, Liang Zhanyan, Wang Ping, Kong Zi, Wang Yongliang and Yu Guanghua attended the open ceremony chaired by Lu Yushun.

On December 19, “Human Reading—2014 Shanghai International Print Exhibition” opened at China Art Museum in Shanghai and over 150 works were displayed.

On December 22, CNAP launched the thematic activity of “Dig Deep in Life, Stay with the People.” Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou, Xie Yongquan, Cai Min, Xing Shaochen, Chen Peng, Shen Shaojun, Zeng Xiang, Wang Yongliang, and Zhang Gongzhe participated in the event.

On December 23, the artists of CNAP held a forum and cultural exchange activities with farmer artists from Dong Ethnic Group of Sanjiang and other grass-roots artists of Guangxi at Guangxi Peasant Art Museum.

On December 24, “New China Artists Series: Exhibition of Chinese Paintings from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region” was launched at the CNAP Art Museum. The event was sponsored by CNAP and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Culture, and hosted by the Art Museum, Fine Arts Institute and Art Information Center of CNAP. Wang Lanming, Liu Xinfeng, Liang Hongying, Cheng Guirong, Yang Xiaoyang, Tang Zhengzhu, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhao Wei, Zeng Laide, Liao Kunming, Ji Lianbin, Wu Yina, Chen Fengxin, Wang Ping, Qiao Yinan and Qiu Lei attended the opening ceremony chaired by Lu Yushun.

On December 27, “China in Freehand—2014 Annual Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting was launched at CIEC Art Center. The event was sponsored by CNAP and hosted by the Creative Research Department, Traditional Chinese Painting Institute, Sculpture Institute and Public Art Institute of CNAP, with the assistance of CIEC Art Center. Liu Dawei, Wang Lanming, Zhu Di, Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Zeng Laide, Ma Shulin, Yang Lizhou, Liu Dongyan, Yuan Yunfu, Nyima Tsering, Guo Yicong, Ji Lianbin, Xing Shaochen, Fan Yang, Liang Zhanyan, Chen Yungang, Yu Shihong, Du Dakai, Sun Jingbo, Yu Wenjiang, Jia Guangjian, Qiao Yinan, Yu Zhixue, Zhang Daoxing, Jia Haoyi, Miao Chong’an, Zhao Huasheng, Ma Zhensheng, Zhan Gengxi, Wang Yingchun, Li Yansheng, Qiu Jimu, Cai Chao, Zhao Jiancheng, Li Yang, Yuan Wu, Li Geng, Wang Mengchi, Deng Jiade, Kong Zi, Zhao Qi, Zhang Lizhu, Shi Guoliang, Shen Shaojun, Wang Yongliang, Lin Rongsheng, Chen Yuming, Wang Fumin, Li Xiaozhu, Mei Mosheng, Xiang Jinguo, Wang Yonggang, Sun Liyu and Zhao Peizhi attended the opening ceremony chaired by Lu Yushun. 

On December 31, “To Each Their Own—the 2014 Academic Invitational Exhibition of China National Art Gallery” opened at Beijing Times Art Museum.