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Creative Research Department

Director : He Jialin 
Deputy Director : Yang Yue , Zhao Peizhi
Staff of Creative Research Department : Ma Lina ,Tang Chaoyi ,Sun Mengmeng
Staff of Collection Division : Piao Wenguang ,Li Huiping (rehired retiree) ,Xu Shuiping ,Yin Diyuan

Jobs and Responsibilities
The Creative Research Department is the administrative department for business management of China National Academy of Painting. Its responsibility is to implement the decisions of the President Working Conference. It is responsible for staff appointment, assessment and management of eight institutes: the Traditional Chinese Painting Institute, Calligraphy and Seal Carving Institute, the Oil Painting Institute, the Engraving Institute, the Sculpture Institute, the Fine Arts Institute, the Public Art Institute and the Youth Painting Institute. It is also responsible for formulating the annual plan for art creation of the Academy and application and implementation of major projects; organization and implementation of relevant creation, exhibition, academic research and other work; annual assessment of painters and supervision of “paintings on demand” and paintings for public welfare; foreign academic exchanges and promotion; collection, display, maintenance and application of paintings of the Academy. At present, it consists of the major project office, the collection division, the Gallery of China National Academy of Painting, a gallery and a library.

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