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Art Museum

Curator: He Jialin

Deputy Curator: Chang Xin

Staff of the Exhibition Department: Feng Youbing , Wang ying

Staff of the Planning Department: Zhang Hanchen , Wang Wei

Staff of Public Literacy:  Yue Zengguang


Jobs and Responsibilities

Stage the exhibitions organized by the Academy at the Museum; handling applications by other institutions to hold exhibitions at the Museum, discussing related matters, and implementing related tasks.


First, the Art Museum adheres to the principle of strengthening via improved talents, academic research and services in launching various undertakings. Aiming at turning itself into an art museum integrating exhibitions, collections, research, foreign art exchange and public welfare, it has made unswerving efforts to update its concept and guidelines, so as to keep up with the requirements of the times. To meet the needs of academic construction and development of China National Academy of Painting, the Art Museum enhances its overall level and establishes its brand, so as to play its role as a window of the Academy and a bridge for the external extension of its academic strength.


Second, as a public-welfare cultural institution, the Art Museum shoulders the responsibilities of cultural construction and communication, with collection as the systematic and concrete embodiment of its academic orientation and operating philosophy. The collection efforts should be centered on its academic positioning and research orientation. After its renovation in June 2006, the Art Museum has collected a number of high-level, high-grade paintings although it didn’t have any fund. Those works fully reflect the Museum’s academic standards and orientation in quality and quantity.

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