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Art Information Center

Director: Wei Guangjun

Staff of the Art Information Center:Wang Ping, Bu Dengke , Xu Dongqing Cui Yue , Shi Lei ,Peng Yue , Lv Gaopeng , Zhou Zhenzhen , Lu Yanqing ,Zhao Hongjian


Jobs and Responsibilities

The Art Information Center is the propaganda and information technology management department of China National Academy of Painting.The center utilizing digitalized means to introduce the new trends in art creation and academic research of the Academy, and displaying the artistic creation and research results and the developments in academic research through a sound digitalized management system; showcasing the excellent art creation and research results through the Academy journal and other publications.


The Art Information Center is established to facilitate the business and administrative work of the Academy, optimize its resources, and re-organize new art information at home and abroad for display and communication of information and editing of the Academy journal.


Communicating the new trends in administrative work and artistic innovation of China National Academy of Painting; drawing on the Internet to organize typical exhibitions to comprehensively display artistic creation and research; academic research, art activities, artist information base, etc., and establish a sound digital management system to reflect the academic strength and research results of the Academy.

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