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Personnel Department

Preside Over Works:Dong Lei

Staff: Xuan Mingjia


Jobs and Responsibilities

I. Personnel Management

Setting institutions, applying for staff salaries quota and other work based on the needs of construction and development of the Academy; formulating and managing  rules and regulations for employment, deployment, assessment, wages, rewards and punishment, statistics, training, social security, personnel files, review of overseas business trips, and professional and technical rank review for all types of personnel; managing professional human resources; coordinating and managing personnel work for (affiliated) institutions of the Academy; routine administrative work of the divisions; other tasks assigned by the leadership of the Academy.


II. Party-Related Affairs

Assisting the Party branch in handling internal affairs of the Party, official documents within the Party, Party member statistics, and collection of Party fees; handling discipline inspection and petition by letters and visits.


III.. Foreign Affairs

Organizing and hosting the reception, liaison and other daily work concerning foreign affairs; handling the formalities for overseas trips by officials and staff of the Academy for official or private purposes; coordinating and steering foreign affairs undertakings of (affiliated) institutes of the Academy; retired staff management; management of wages, remuneration, medical care, funeral and other services for the retired.

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