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Art Exchange Department & Art Exchange Center

Preside Over Works:Shang Ke

Staff of the Art Exchange Department:Wang Jing,Yun Qian,Zhang Peisheng

Jobs and Responsibilities

The Arts Exchange Center is responsible for carrying out exchanges between the Academy and the relevant industries at home and abroad. Abiding by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, and following social morality, it is bent on introducing to the world qualified talents and quality works, and boosting the prosperity and development of art with elegant art activities.


To strengthen the domestic and international exchanges of China National Academy of Painting in art and academic research, the Center carries out display, sale and auction of artworks including Chinese painting and calligraphy, as well as business training and other activities, to increase the income of the Academy according to the requirements of the leadership. It also takes charge in organizing, planning and hosting national and international art exhibitions on Chinese painting and calligraphy, scouting and introducing talents, and advocating Chinese national art and culture, undertaking the art salon-related work of the Academy, as well as organizing, planning and implementing cultural projects and other tasks commissioned by the Academy.

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