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Teaching and Training Department & Education and Training Center

Director of the Teaching and Training Department and Education and Training Center: Jia Guangjian

Deputy Director of the Teaching and Training Department and Education and Training Center: Qiu Lei

Staff of the Teaching and Training Department:  Qiu Lin , He Jiarui,Ma Shenglong 

Staff of the Education and Training Center: Ma Xiao , Zhang Honglin , Weng Fangyou , Zhu Peizhi ,Yang Jun ,Yang Lixia , Zhang Shibo,Ma Honglin


Jobs and Responsibilities

The Teaching and Training Department is responsible for carrying out basic art training and education at different levels. It sets equal emphasis on art literacy improvement and popularization, and cherishes summarization of the law of art education and expansion of the space of contemporary art education according to the requirements of the times. Established in May 2004 under the administration of China National Academy of Painting, the Education and Training Center launches its projects under the unified arrangements of the Teaching and Training Department. As a specialized non-academic art training institution under the direct leadership of the Teaching and Training Department, it has invited over 40 domestic and overseas masters of Chinese painting and calligraphy to establish studios in the Academy and offered over 100 advanced training seminars. Its scope operation has been expanded from the initial Chinese painting teaching to the present equal emphasis on calligraphy and painting training. Its high-level seminar has been expanded to subject classes, with premium programs added later on. It has made remarkable academic, social and economic benefits, winning the universal praise of the Chinese art community and all walks of the Chinese society. China National Academy of Painting has thus become one of the most outstanding and influential professional institutions in China for non-degree art education.

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