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Financial Department

Director: Fan Xiuyun

Preside Over Works:Wu Tao

Staff: Wang Guijuan 


Jobs and Responsibilities

Supervising the implementation of budget, accounting and final accounting of various funds for the Academy to truthfully reflect its financial status; preparing the annual and quarterly financial plans and related reports as well as inspecting, guiding and supervising the budge implementation by various departments; organizing initiatives for increasing income and saving costs according to law; exercising payment of wages and allowances for the staff of the Academy and the reimbursement of the relevant expenses; managing the use of collection funds of the Academy; strengthening the management of accounting, property registration, custody registration and transfer registration for state-owned assets, to avoid losses; assisting the leadership of the Academy in formulating various economic policies and financial management systems.


Conscientiously implementing the Accounting Law of the People’s Republic of China and Regulations on Accounting Personnel, Financial Planning of Public Institutions, Financial and Accounting Standards of Public Institutions promulgated by the State Council, as well as other relevant laws, regulations and financial accounting systems; establishing and improving internal rules and regulations for financial accounting and state-owned assets management.

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