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Art News of China

Director General: Yang Xiaoyang

Deputy Directors: Lu Yushun, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Zeng Laide,Wang Ping

Editorial Board: Ji Lianbin, Wu Yina, Qiao Yinan, He Jialin, Fan Xiuyun, Chen Gang, Chen Ming

Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Xiaoling

Executive Editor-in-Chief: Wang Ping

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Chen Ming

Jobs and Responsibilities

Art News of China is a state-level specialized art newspaper approved by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), regulated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People's Republic of China sponsored by the China National Academy of Painting (CNAP). The newspaper was approved by the SAPPRFT in January 2015 and officially launched in January 2016. The newspaper's domestic uniform serial number is CN11-0292, domestic issue code 1-171, and overseas issue code C9257. Each issue is in 28 pages in quarto, color-printed, and published every Monday.

With the aim of building the spiritual homeland of Chinese art and establishing an interactive platform for Chinese and foreign art, Art News of China follows the principle of "carrying forward the true meaning of Chinese art, highlighting Chinese style in fine arts, establishing the standards of Chinese art, and innovating the Chinese art style,” advocates the philosophy of “professionalism, culture, internationalization, marketization and informatization.” The weekly gives full play to the professional and functional advantages of the new art media, pays attention to social life from the perspective of mainstream media, and builds its value upon the creation of social values.

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