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Chronicle of Events 2012

Source: PublishedTime:2018-04-12

During Chinese New Year, the leaders of China National Academy of Painting (CNAP) brought gifts to Li Zhao, Li Duo, Qian Shaowu, Wang Qi, Jin Shangyi, Liqun and other senior artists.

On January 4, a delegation of 10 from CNAP went to Nanning where they donated RMB 5 million worth of cashmere sweater and trousers, stationery and gift bags to Guangxi Red Cross Society. In the morning of the 5th, the 2012 campaign of “Red Cross Care Delivered to Households” was launched. Leaders and artists from CNAP attended the launching ceremony and made on-site donations.

On January 8, the Party for Chinese New Year jointly organized by CNAP and the Liaison Bureau of the Ministry of Culture was held at Fangfei Garden of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

On February 10, Zhao Wei was officially appointed vice president of CNAP at a work meeting of the academy.

On February 21, Qiu Lei was appointed deputy director of the Teaching and Training Department and deputy director of the Education and Training Center, after due formalities in official appraisal procedures, and approval of the (71st) president’s office meeting on the same day.

On February 21, the president’s office meeting decided to contract the Art Exchange Centre to Cai Min while retaining the functions of the original Art Exchange Department. It was decided that handover should be exercised as soon as possible and that Xie Yongquan and Zhang Jiangzhou be placed in charge of the Art Exchange Department.

On February 28, “Debriefing Meeting of the CNAP Middle-level Officials” was held in the conference room of the academy. Attendees were all officials and the staff of the academy.

On March 3, a delegation of 12, including Lu Yushun, Ji Lianbin, Miao Zaixing, Liang Zhanyan, Fan Yang, Lin Rongsheng, Chen Peng, He Jialin, Qiao Yinan, Li Dongxing, Tang Chaoyi and Chang Xin, went to Kunming, Yunnan to attend the “Inaugural Ceremony for Chinese Painting on the Long Couplets at Daguan Tower/Color Painting of the Primitive Nature—Sketches in Northwest and Southwest China.”

On March 18, the CNAP Academic Forum was held in the conference room on the second floor of the teaching building.

On March 22, the ceremony of Yang Xiaoyang donating colored pottery to National Museum of China was held at Baiyu Hall of the museum. Yang Xiaoyang donated 100 pottery pieces from his own collection.

On March 24, “Peach Blossom—Solo Exhibition of Ink and Wash Figure Paintings by Li Xiaozhu” opened at Fan Space of the 798 Art District. Over 30 works were exhibited.

On March 28, the CNAP Academic Forum was held in the comprehensive building of the academy.

On April 4, China National Academy of Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Li Keran Art Foundation jointly sponsored sacrifice-offering to Mr. Li Keran during the Qingming Festival.

On April 14, Solo Exhibition of Qiao Yi’nan was launched at Fan Space of the 798 Art District, and more than 40 works were displayed.

On April 15, “Exhibition Series of Landscape Paintings on the Dabie Mountains by Wang Yongliang” was launched at Xuzhou Art Museum. The event was jointly sponsored by CNAP, the CPC Xuzhou Municipal Committee, the People's Government of Xuzhou City and Jiangsu Provincial Artists Association.

From April 18 to 22, a delegation under the leadership of Yang Xiaoyang themed “Into Southwest China—a CNAP Creative Field Trip to Guizhou” went to Guizhou, where they spent four days of inspirations and creation. Other delegates include Zhang Jiangzhou, Ji Lianbin, Wu Yina, Zeng Laide, Jia Guangjian, Chen Peng, Hu Yingkang, Li Xiaojun, Cai Min, Dong Lei and Li Dongxing.

On April 22, “The Tenth Peony Cup—Invitational Exhibition of Masters from the Faculty of Young Painters at China National Academy of Painting” was launched in Heze, Shandong Province.

On April 25, the first “Hongguo Lecture Professor” appointment ceremony was held in Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University, where Zhang Xiaoling was hired a lecture professor.

On April 29, Exhibition of “The First Round of Elegant Spring Gathering” was launched. The event was jointly planned by Fan Yang, Dong Hao and Tang Wenhui, organized by Songzhuang Chinese Painting Academy, academically supported by CNAP and Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy, and jointly hosted by the Art Creation Institute of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing Rong Bao Zhai Art Museum, and Yu Shun Art Museum in Heilongjiang.

On May 15, Yang Xiaoyang led 15 CNAP artists to the opening ceremony of “Chinese Style—Invitation Exhibition of Famous CNAP Artists” held at the Asian Art Museum of Asian Cultural Center in New York City.

On May 22, the inaugural ceremony was held in Beijing for a campaign entitled “Approaching Yan'an—In Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's ‘Speech at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art.’” It is a series of themed activities launched by CNAP.

On May 28, the campaign of sketch creation by 100 artists was launched as a leg of “Approaching Yan'an—In Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's ‘Speech at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art.’” The event was jointly hosted by CPC Yan'an Municipal Committee, the People’s Government of Yan’an and Shaanxi Daily Group.

On June 6, the opening ceremony for the first “Divine Nature—Harbin Biennial Exhibition: Chinese Painting,” which was also the Celebration for the sixth Anniversary of the Completion of Yu Shun Art Museum, was held at Yu Shun Art Museum/Hulan Art Museum. The event was co-sponsored by Chinese Artists Association (CAA) and the Publicity Department of the CPC Harbin Municipal Committee, and jointly hosted by Yushun Culture and Arts Research Institute and Yushun Art Museum/Hulan Art Museum.

From June 8 to 13, Xie Zhigao's first solo exhibition titled “The Boundless Supreme Way—Xie Zhigao Art Exhibition” was held at the National Art Museum of China. Over 400 works were displayed at the event co-sponsored by CAA, CNAP, National Art Museum of China, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and South China Press Group.

On June 9, Xu Dongqing's solo exhibition titled “Song of the Jade Bird” was held at Manet Art Center (now Manet Art Space), with academic support from CNAP.

On June 15, the forum on form revision for China National Art Gallery was held at CNAP. The revision was intended to improve the active services to readers by enhancing its news content, marketability and professionalism.

On June 21, CNAP, completed the proposal for the expansion project and submitted it to the Ministry of Culture. Thanks to the care of leaders at all levels, the project was officially launched in March 2012.

On June 21, “2010 China-ROK Forum for Innovation of Urban Cultural Industry” was held in Seoul. In “Asian Expression,” an art event specifically designed for the forum, Zeng Laide and Wang Peng the guqin artist jointly brought to the stage “Ink and Music,” a show integrating calligraphy and music, for all guests.

On June 23, “Ceaseless Breeze—Exhibition of Bamboo Paintings by Wei Guangjun” was held in 798 Fan Space in Beijing, and 50 works were displayed.

On July 25, “Setting Sail—Dream-Fulfilling Summer Camp in Beijing with China National Academy of Painting and Guangxi Red Cross” was launched. The event was sponsored by CNAP and hosted by Guangxi Red Cross, the Youth League Committees of agencies directly affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, the Communist Youth League branch of and the CNAP Art Exchange Center.

On July 30, delegates from the NDRC came to CNAP for inspection, following the submission of the proposal for the expansion project of the academy. They were accompanied by Su Guo, Huang Weiru, Rao Quan, Zhou Yu and Long Rui.

On August 11, Yang Xiaoyang organized and led over 20 calligraphers and painters from China National Academy of Painting and other domestic art organizations to Xining. There they were joined by local painting masters as a field-trip delegation to participate in “Beautiful Qinghai—Trip of CNAP Painting Masters to Qinghai,” a series of theme activities jointly organized by CNAP and Qinghai Provincial Department of Culture, Press and Publication, and hosted by Qinghai Museum.

On August 18, “South-North Dialogue—Exhibition of Achievements of Contemporary Chinese Artists” was launched at the CNAP Art Museum.

From August 24 to September 20, “Freedom and Perseverance—Exhibition of Works by Liu Boshu and He Yunlan” was held at the Art Space of Manet Grassland International Club.

On September 9, the International Symposium of “Divine Nature—New Humanities: Lu Yushun” was held in the multi-function hall of Prime Hotel in Beijing.

On September 12, “Beautiful East China—2012 Exhibition of CNAP” co-sponsored by the Executive Committee for China (Ningxia) International Investment and Trade Fair and the third China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum and CNAP was launched at Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

On September 16, the 2012 Commencement Ceremony for the CNAP Education and Training Center was held in Beijing.

On September 16, the first class for visiting scholars was offered by CNAP. The opening ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Music College of Capital Normal University.

On September 21, the academic day for September of CNAP was held in the conference room on the second floor of its comprehensive building. The themes included “Artistic Creation Based on Chinese Civilization” and “Artistic Creation of the Six CNAP Projects,” both organized by China Federation of Literature and Art Circles (CFLAC).

On September 26, 2012 China Art Industry Expo was launched in Tongzhou. CNAP was one of the hosts for the event jointly sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the People’s Government of Beijing. Yang Xiaoyang served as its general planner.

On September 27, “Art, Classics—Art Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting” was launched to the drum beats of Beijing opera at Songzhuang Sunshine International Art Museum in Beijng.

On September 27, the International Summit of the Art Industry in the Globalization Era was launched in Yuelianghe in Songzhuang, Beijing. The event was organized by the Organizing Committee of China Art Industry Expo, and hosted by CNAP and the Chinese Animation Group, together with the People’s Government of Songzhuang Town and the Administrative Committee of Songzhuang Cluster for Cultural and Creative Industries.

On October 10, the opening ceremony for “Charming South China on Canvas—Exhibition of Works by Young- and Middle-aged Artists in Haining and Work Symposium” was held at the CNAP Art Museum. The event was organized by the People's Government of Haining, Zhejiang Province, China National Art Gallery magazine and the Federation of the Literary and Art Circles of Haining.

On October 14, the preliminary appraisal of “Jing Hao Cup: Chinese Painting Biennale” was held at CNAP. The event was sponsored by CNAP and the Publicity Department of CPC Henan Provincial Committee, and hosted by Jing Hao Art Research Institute and Henan Artists Association.

On October 17, the signing ceremony for “Summer Palace Art Center of China National Academy of Painting” was held at Summer Palace Golf Chateau in Guangzhou.

On October 19, the press conference for “China in Freehand Painting—2012 Exhibition of Chinese Paintings, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting of China National Academy of Painting” was held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center. It was jointly hosted by Shanghai International Arts Festival Center and China National Academy of Painting.

On October 21, Yang Xiaoyang, Wu Yina and Wang Ping visited Liu Haisu Art Museum in Changzhou, together with Dong Lei, Wang Jing and Feng Shanshan.

On October 22, Yang Xiaoyang, Wang Ping and Dong Lei visited Mr. Wang Boyin in Hangzhou.

On October 26, CNAP convened an expert demonstration for national fine arts creation projects on major reality themes.

On October 28, the opening ceremony for the 2012 Senior Seminar for Professionals of Academies of Fine Arts organized by the Ministry of Culture was held at CNAP.

On November 7, the delegation from the 3rd China-France Contemporary Art Exhibition paid a visit to CNAP for exchange. Delegates were received by Zhang Jiangzhou, Ji Lianbin, Wu Yina and others.

On November 28, the commencement of Shen Peng Calligraphy Creation Class was held at the CNAP Art Museum. It was chaired by Zhang Gongzhe, and attended by Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun and Shen Peng.

On November 29, the signing ceremony for the CNAP Inner Mongolia Creative Base Project was held at Xincheng Hotel. The agreement for the project to be undertaken by the People’s Government of Xincheng District was signed by Qin Yi on behalf of Hohhot, Yang Xiaoyang, and the project sponsor.

On December 1, the press conference for Jing Hao International Academic Forum and “Jing Hao Cup” Chinese Painting Biennale was held at Beijing Jin Long Tan Hotel. Lu Yushun and Zhang Xiaoling attended the press conference. On December 8, “Jing Hao Cup” Chinese Painting Biennial was launched in Jiyuan.