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Chronicle of Events 2009

Source: PublishedTime:2018-04-12

On April 17, “Feeling with Heart: Exhibition of Works by Graduates of Chinese Art Academies—Exhibition of Works by Students of Tang Yongli Studio” was launched at CNAP. The event was attended by the following leaders: Wang Wenzhang, Liu Dawei, Yin Fu, Yang Li, Long Rui, Yang Xiaoyang, Lu Yushun, Chen Fengxin, He Jiaying, Xie Yongquan, Tian Liming and Zhang Jing.

In 2008, CNAP followed the scientific outlook on development and launched an activity entitled “New Spirit and New Style for the Olympics,” and won the title of “Role Model Organization” awarded by the National Government Offices Administration.

On July 1, CNAP held a staff meeting, in which Gao Shuxun, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture, announced the appointment of Tian Liming as the vice president of CNAP. Wang Wenzhang delivered a speech. Yang Xiaoyang presided over the meeting. Attendees were Zhang Shijun and more than 50 staff members.

On June 27, the final assessment of the National Art Creation Program of Major Historic Themes ended at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution. The final selects were submitted to the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance for examination and approval, and would be exhibited at the National Art Museum of China in September and October.

On July 2, the eighth Congress of Party Committees Directly under Ministry of Culture was held in Beijing. Cai Wu, Ouyang Jian, Yu Guilin, Chen Xiaoguang, Zhou Heping, Wang Wenzhang, Shan Jixiang, Ding Wei, Zhao Shaohua, Li Hongfeng and Xie Yongquan attended.

In July 8, “Beautiful Motherland—Large National Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy works by Employees of Cultural Agencies” was held at the National Art Museum of China under the auspices of the National Trade Union Commission of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of China, the Trade Union of Agencies Directly under Ministry of Culture, and the trade union of CNAP. Li Huiping, Qiu Yiqin, Tian Shu and Piao Wenguang won the awards. The exhibition displayed calligraphy works and paintings by 30 CNAP artists and calligraphers. All works were donated to the Support and Relief Fund of Ministry of Culture.

In April, Yang Xiaoyang visited Liu Boshu, Long Rui, Fang Zengxian, Zhang Dinglao, Zou Peizhu and Li Huiwen, and had a meeting with some of the retired painters. Yang also visited Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Jiangsu Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, Hangzhou Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shaanxi Painting Academy and other sister organizations, as well as China Artists Association, Beijing Fine Art Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, College of Fine Arts of Capital Normal University, School of Fine Arts of Minzu University of China and the PLA Academy of Arts. On his trips, Yang established cooperative ties and exchange channels with these organizations.

On June 20-27, “China-Australia Art Museum Management Seminar 2009” was held in Australia. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Industry Department of the Ministry of Culture, the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Office of Chinese Embassy in Australia, the Museums Galleries Australia and the National Gallery of Australia. Chen Fengxin and his delegation visited a number of art galleries and museums in Sydney and Melbourne where they exchanged views with the curators and officials.

On July 10, "Commencement Exhibition of CNAP Advanced Learning Class of 2008” was held at the Art Museum of CNAP. Yang Xiaoyang addressed the audience. Lu Yushun presided over the event attended by nearly 300 peoplee including Xie Yongquan and lecturers and students from studios, displaying more than 230 artworks by more than 230 students who wre graduating from 16 advanced learning classes of the education and training canter of CNAP in 2008.

On July 19, “Ink Landscape—Exhibition of Zeng Laide's Landscape Paintings in Four Seasons” was unveiled in Exhibition Hall 2 and 3 at the National Art Museum of China under the auspices of the CNAP and the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, exhibiting 60 artworks. Ma Kai, Wang Wenzhang, Liu Dawei, Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zeng Laide and Zheng Xiaoxing visited the exhibition. Shen Peng sent his congratulations.

On August 15, “Exhibition of Paintings by Top10 Landscape Masters,” sponsored by the CNAP, was held at Yongjiang Fine Art Museum in Nanning. Participating painters included Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Huang Gesheng, Zhao Wei, Fan Yang, Chen Yupu, Zhang Zhimin, Zhang Baozhu, He Jialin and Lin Rongsheng.

On August 10, “Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Landscape Paintings & Chinese Landscape Culture Summit,” organized by CNAP and the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, was launched in Chengdu. On August 10-17, more than 30 painters led by Zeng Laide and Fan Yang carried out on-the-spot sketching sessions. “Exhibition of On-the-Spot Sketches for Chinese Landscape Paintings” was initiated at Tianyi Village Art Museum in the Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Village. Hu Jixian, Jiang Lin and Zheng Xiaoxing attended the event.

On September 2, Li Yan and his delegation visited CNAP, accompanied by Wei Hanqing, Zhang Wentao and Wang Xiaojun. Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Wu Yina and Xia Xiaolin accompanied them during this visit. Xie Yongquan briefed them on the basic situation of the CNAP. Li Yan talked about the purpose of their visit and Haidian District’s efforts in promoting the development of the cultural industry. Yang Xiaoyang proposed the idea of cooperation within the cultural industry. The visiting leaders said that they would love to be updated on the CNAP expansion project.

On August 31, Tian Liming, on behalf of the CNAP leaders, visited Feng Zhen, expressing deep condolences to the death of Li Qi in Beijing on August 26, 2009.

On September 22, Exhibition of National Art Creation Program of Major Historic Themes” was unveiled at the National Art Museum of China. The exhibition was sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance. Li Changchun and Liu Yunshan visited the exhibition where a total of 102 artworks were on display, including 33 Chinese paintings, 51 oil paintings and 18 sculptures. Cai Wu, Li Congjun and Wang Wenzhang conferred certificates to more than 170 selected artists, and Yang Xiaoyang to six outstanding organizations.

On September 15, the First Provincial-Municipal Joint Meeting of the Ninth Art Festival was held at the Baiyun International Convention Center in Guangzhou. Wang Wenzhang, vice governor of the Guangdong Provincial Government, the leaders of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Culture, Yang Xiaoyang and Zhang Jiangzhou attended the meeting. The ninth China Art Festival was held in Guangzhou in May 2010. The fifth Exhibition of Excellent Works by Chinese Art Academies, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and organized by CNAP, was held in Guangzhou. Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou and the relevant people of Guangdong Preparatory Committee held a workshop.

On September 8, the film production center of the China Central Television (CCTV)held a seminar at CNAP. Feng Yuan, Yang Xiaoyang, Zeng Chengang, Ma Shulin, Liang Jiang, Liu Jian, Song Yugui, Zhang Jiangzhou, Yang Feiyun, Yin Shuangxi and relevant people from CCTV attended the meeting.

On September 4, the seventh National Sport Art Exhibition was held in Jinan. A total of 130 Chinese paintings were selected, of which 40 works won the Excellence Award. The judges included Liu Dawei, Wu Changjiang, Shi Dawei, Lu Yushun and Feng Dazhong.

On September 18, “Bohai Rim, New Sight—Art Exhibition in Honor of 60th Anniversary of Founding of New China” opened at the Gallery of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. “Bohai Rim Art Development Forum" was held in its academic lecture hall. A total of 128 artworks from 12 art organizations, including Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking and sculpture, were exhibited.

At 8:00 am on September 22, CNAP re-assembled a camphor wood archway from Anhui which was built in mid-Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), which indicated the second stage of the renovation project.

On September 16, Yang Xiaogang and Zhang Jiangzhou went to Guangzhou to attend the first Provincial-Municipal Joint Meeting of the ninth Art Festival. Yang visited Yang Zhiguang, Pan He, Tang Xiaoming, Lin Yong, Xu Qinsong, and the leaders of Guangdong Artists Association and Guangdong Art Academy. Yang Xiaoyang briefed the recent work and the development planning of the CNAP, and solicited opinions on the two programs—“Chinese Fine Art Development Program" and "Chinese Fine Art Overseas Promotion Program.

On September 19, the “2nd Mount Tai Calligraphy Forum & Exhibition of Calligraphy Works on Mount Tai by Calligraphy Class of Shen Peng Studio of CNAP” was held in Taishan Culture Tower in Tai'an City. The event was sponsored by CNAP and the Municipal People’s Government of Tai'an.

On September 26, the opening ceremony of Huang Zhou Painting Exhibition was held at the Yan Huang Art Museum in Beijing. Zhao Shaohua, Lü Zhangshen, Qin Zhigang, Yang Xiaoyang, Zou Peizhu, Zheng Wenhui and the artists from China Artists Association and Central Academy of Fine Arts attended the exhibition in which 100 art works were on display.

In the morning of October 20, Yang Xiaoyang, Xie Yongquan and Xia Xiaolin were invited to the celebration of the 60th birthday of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. They attended the event and presented a gift on behalf of CNAP.

On October 26, Xie Yongquan, Lu Yushun, Tian Liming, Xia Xiaolin, Zhao Yu, Zhan Gengxi, Xie Zhigao, Wu Hong’en and Shen Xicheng held a “Double Ninth” symposium at the tea house of CNAP.

In the morning of October 28, the opening ceremony of “Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Landscape Paintings & Chinese Landscape Culture Summit,” sponsored by the CNAP and the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, was held at Sichuan Museum, attended by the leaders such as Zheng Xiaoxing, Yang Xiaoyang, Long Rui, Wang Wenzhang, Dong Wei and Huang Xinchu.

On October 23, Yang Xiaoyang, Zhang Jiangzhou, Liang Zhanyan and Chen Peng went to Nanning to attend the opening ceremony of "Colorful ASEAN, Charming Ink Painting—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters”, where more than 120 artworks were on display. Yang Xiaoyang and his delegation held exchanges and discussions with the arts institutions such as Guangxi Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, Guangxi Artists Association and Guangxi Art Academy.

On October 21-27, more than 30 artists from CNAP visited Xinyang to draw inspirations for their art creations. The activity was sponsored by the CNAP and the Xinyang municipal government, and organized by the Art Museum of CNAP and the Xinyang Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles. Zhang Chunxiang, Zhu Jixian, Liao Changming and other painters met with the painters from CNAP.

On October 31, Yang Xiaoyang and Zhang Jiangzhou went to Guangzhou to attend the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Guangdong Art Academy.

On May 10, the fifth Exhibition of Excellent Works by Chinese Art Academies was held in Guangzhou during the China Art Festival on May 10 - 25, 2010. On October 30, entrusted by Yang Xiaoyang, Zhangjiang Zhou met with the staff of the Exhibition Department of the ninth China Art Festival in Guangzhou, revised and formulated the plan for the fifth Exhibition of Excellent Works by Chinese Art Academies.

On November 3, Yang Xiaoyang and Zhang Jiangzhou were invited to Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of "Fang Zengxian Art Review Exhibition." Yang and his delegation held discussions on cooperation with relevant leaders from Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association, and reached a consensus on co-sponsoring the International Forum on Arts and Wealth.