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Chronicle of Events 2008

Source: PublishedTime:2018-04-12

On January 8, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening up, “Advancing with New Age—Exhibition of Works by Shenzhen Art Museum 2008 in Beijing,” co-sponsored by China National Academy of Painting (CNAP) and the Shenzhen Art Museum, was unveiled at the CNAP Art Museum. Chen Xiaoguang, Feng Yuan, Li Hao, Yin Fu, Liu Zhongjun, Fan Di'an, Qian Linxiang, Dai Zhiqi, Chen Wei and Zou Peizhu cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Dong Xiaoming and Long Rui delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Lu Yushun presided over the opening ceremony. 300 people in fine arts attended the exhibition and the academic seminar.

On January 17, CNAP held a Chinese New Year Gala for all its employees. Long Rui, Xie Yongquan, Zhao Yu, Li Baolin, Deng Lin, Wang Yingchun, Zhan Gengxi, Xie Zhigao, the retirees and all the staff members exchanged greetings and best wishes for the new year.

On January 31, the Ministry of Culture held an emergency mobilization meeting to help the disaster-stricken areas. The CNAP responded positively by taking action overnight and raising about CNY 60,000 for disaster relief, including CNY 30,000 donated by individuals. On February 1, the raised money was promptly sent to the relevant department of the Ministry of Culture. The artists who donated included Li Yansheng, Kong Zi, Zhao Wei, Fan Yang, Zeng Laide, Shu Jianxin, Xing Shaochen, Yu Wenjiang, Wu Xun, Liang Zhanyan, Shen Shaojun, Ji Lianbin, Chen Peng, Jia Guangjian, Li Xiaojun, Wang Yongliang, Hu Baoli, Li Jian, Liu Mu, Ma Shenglong, Chen Fengxin, Zhang Zikang, Zhang Tongyu, Zhang Donghui, Xu Peijun and so on. Liu Boshu, Li Baolin, Deng Lin, Wang Yingchun, Zhan Gengxi, Gong Wenzhen, Xie Zhigao and Wu Hong donated their paintings, either created on the spot or finished paintings brought here via an agent. More than 40 artworks were donated in the charity activity entitled "Warmth in Hearts—CNAP Painters Donating Paintings.” Three giant works were finished with the cooperation of these painters. These artworks were delivered to the donation office of the Ministry of Culture before the Chinese New Year's Eve.

In the afternoon of February 2, Wang Ji and Cai Xiuwen, accompanied by Lu Yushun, paid a visit to the CNAP employees in harsh circumstances and distributed allowances to them on behalf of the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, the Party Committee and the Trade Union of the Ministry of Culture.

In the morning of February 4, “Warmth in Hearts—CNAP Painters Donate Paintings” was held at CNAP to raise money for the people affected by the snow hazard in South China.

During the Chinese New Year, Long Rui, Xie Yongquan and Lu Yushun respectively paid visits to the senior comrades such as Zhang Ding, Cui Zifan, Qin Lingyun, Ouyang Zhongshi, Liu Boshu, Liao Jingwen, Li Huiwen, Zou Peizhu and Zheng Wenhui. The General Affairs Office and the trade union also carried out extensive activities—visit retired leaders and employees in straightened circumstances with holiday gifts and allowances.

On March 3-14, Long Rui, Li Yansheng and Zhao Wei attended the first meeting of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held in Beijing.

On March 6-27, “Subtle Energy of Matter—Contemporary Italian Sculpture Review Exhibition” was held at the Art Museum of CNAP. The event was co-organized by CNAP, the China International Exhibition Agency (CIEA), Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive (IGAV), the Italian Embassy in China, and organized by the Art Museum of CNAP and Beijing Zhongzhan Danqing Exhibition Co., Ltd.

In December 2007, the newly-built storehouse and exhibition hall of the CNAP, with a total floor area of 2,827 square meters, were completed. This construction project is another important infrastructure after the Art Museum of CNAP.

On April 3, the “CNAP Annual Exhibition 2007” and “Harmonious Society and Chinese Culture” Symposium was held at CNAP. Wu Jiang, Yu Kuizhi, Deng Min, Long Rui, Lu Yushun, Zhang Jiangzhou, Zhao Wei, Fan Yang, Xing Shaochen, Mei Mosheng and Guo Shifu attended the meeting. Yin Fu, Liu Zhongjun, Xie Yongquan, Zou Peizhu attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. Lü Zhangshen, Hu Zucai, Wang Ji, Cai Xiuwen, Sun Xuguang, Bian Wei, Li Xiaoke, Man Weiqi and other artists visited the exhibition.

In the afternoon of April 8, Anne Rogge, the wife of President of International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge, and the wives of other members of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee, visited CNAP.

In the afternoon of April 9, Liu Yunshan and Ouyang Jian came to the CNAP for the CNAP Annual Exhibition 2007, accompanied by Long Rui, Xie Yongquan, Lu Yushun and exhibited painters.

In the afternoon of April 10, the pupils from Beijing Dingxiang Primary School toured CNAP. Long Rui talked to them about traditional Chinese paintings.

On April 23, “High Sky and Light Clouds—Exhibition of On-the Spot Sketches in Khampa by Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters,” co-organized by CNAP and the Chongzhou Municipal People's Government of Sichuan Province, was held at the Art Museum of CNAP. On April 15-20, “20 Years of Ink Paintings—Exhibition of Works by Trainees Joining CNAP in 1987” was held at the academy’s art museum.

On April 29, a press conference on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of He Haixia's birthday was held in the Art Museum of CNAP.

On May 6, “Harmony, Prosperity and Olympic Complex—Nomination Exhibition of Meticulous Chinese Figure Paintings” opened at the Art Museum of CNAP.

On May 14, the CNAP donated for the relief efforts of the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan Province.

On May 15, Shen Peng and Zeng Laide organized the students of the Calligraphy Elite Classes of the CNAP to donate money and artworks for the disaster-stricken area. The total value of the donations exceeded CNY 800,000.

At 14:28 on May 19, all the staff members of the CNAP observed three-minute silence in front of the CNAP gate to express their deep condolences to the people who died in Sichuan earthquake.

In the afternoon of May 21, all CNAP painters and over 150 currently-enrolled trainees held a charity meeting to donate and paint for the earthquake-stricken area.