Executive Office
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Executive Office

Source: PublishedTime:2019-05-09

Preside Over Works:Zhang Lei
Secretary-General of the Academic Committee: Wu Yina
Staff: Wang Ruiguang , Li Xiaoming , Yan Shuai , Liu Xuelei , Sheng Ming

Jobs and Responsibilities
Drafting comprehensive administrative work reports, work plans and work summaries, preparing and promulgating notices, notification, rules and regulations on behalf of the Academy, submitting reports to higher authority on behalf of the Academy, and managing, disseminating and retrieving various documents in accordance with relevant rules and procedures. Publishing notices for the president work meeting and other meetings convened by the leadership of the Academy, and publication of minutes and briefings; timely inspecting, supervising and reporting the implementation of conference resolutions; arrangement for important meetings and major events, and preparations for meetings; launching comprehensive investigation on the policy and matters of the Academy in view of needs. Coordinating the cooperation between several departments and supervising the implementation of issues decided by the president office and timely report the results. Collecting important instruments, contracts, covenants, other engineering drawings including those for the infrastructure, and managing the archives for the Academy; confidentiality work of the Academy; developing relevant rules and regulations and supervision of their implementation; preserving the seals of the Academy and the certificates and letters of introduction for their use, seal engraving for various institutes of the Academy; preparing and publishing communications, as well as foreign publicities for the Academy. Foreign liaison, public relations, coordination and some of the reception work; implementing the decisions made by the President Work Conference and the Art Committee, as well as specific organization, liaison, coordination and implementation of all administrative tasks related to the art activities of the Academy; sponsoring and hosting various art exhibition; cooperating with the personnel department to develop training programs and organize relevant work according to the staff structure and work needs; cooperating with the General Office of the Ministry of Culture; miscellaneous affairs of the leadership of the Academy; other tasks assigned by the leadership of the Academy.